Christmas Countdown Day 3 – Nikka G&G Military Samurai Commander

It’s not long now until Santa will be eating his cookies and drinking his milk in your front room, and he’s a big guy, so we hope you have plenty for him!

For Day 3 of our 2018 Christmas Countdown we’re looking at a whisky that features outstanding design, incredible liquid and is highly collectable. This is one that comes in a bottle that would be the star of any whisky cabinet and would no doubt be a conversation piece for any guests you may have. We’re talking about the Nikka G&G Military Samurai Commander Expression. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Nikka G&G Military Samurai Commander

This fantastic whisky comes from Nikka, the Japanese whisky giant started by the Masataka Taketsuru – “The Father of Japanese Whisky”. The company has come a long way since then, growing exponentially and becoming recognised around the globe as one of the best producers of quality Japanese spirit.

Much like Suntory, Nikka have a number of distilleries in their portfolio and they use the liquid produced at them for a range of intriguing, flavourful and often rare releases.

The Nikka G&G Military Samurai Commander bottling is one such release and it is immediately recognisable thanks to its Samurai military head and shoulders that slide over the neck of the bottle.

The decoration piece looks and feels classy and the whisky inside matches up to it.

Made from a blend of quality pot still and coffey still whisky, it’s smooth and fruity with a relatively light character. A little black pepper and some other spices can be detected towards the finish, and they marry well with the sweeter notes, but in general it’s all about the citrus fruits, melon and poached pears.

We were very impressed by the design and taste of the Nikka G&G Military Samurai Commander and we feel it really deserves its place here in our Christmas Countdown. After all, how often to get to own a whisky that embodies Japanese tradition and heritage in such an obvious manner?

Japanese Whisky & Unique Bottling

The arts are deeply ingrained in Japanese culture and this is represented in many of the whisky releases that come out of the country.

Throughout the years, Suntory and Nikka have become known for releasing expressions that come housed in strangely shaped bottles that depict everything from fine-art to history and even different sports.

This tradition of releasing collectable bottles like this is something that is truly Japanese. If you look at the Scotch market in comparison, the number of unique bottles pales into insignificance.

At dekanta we aim to make it easy for those who collect these whiskies, stocking as many as we can get our hands on.

One of our favourites is the Nikka Pot Still shaped bottle, a stunning blend that contains whisky from Yoichi and Miyagikyo. Other interesting, weird and wonderful bottles include the Suntory Royal Piano bottle, the Karuizawa ship bottle and the rather quirky Open Golf Memorial Pottery Bird Set.

Whether you’re into fishing, golf, music, wildlife, history or all of the above – there is a bottle that matches your hobbies and will stand out in your whisky cabinet.

What’s more, Suntory and Nikka are perfectionists when it comes to whisky, so each and every one of these eclectic bottles is filled with top quality liquid that has been cared for in the same way as the company’s top releases. Whether you decide to open it, or let it increase in value as the years go by is up to you, but one thing’s for sure – you’ll have an outstanding looking collection.

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