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Ji-Whisky Rocks The Shizuoka Whisky & Craft Beer Fair 2017

A craft beer paired with a lovely dram on the side sounds pretty heavenly in the middle of summer, right? This is what the Shizuoka Whisky & Craft Beer Fair organizers were thinking when they decided to launch this wonderful event three years prior, right in the middle of Japan’s  humid summer season. The fair […]


Fukuoka Whisky Talk 2017 – The Highlights

On June 18th, during the height of summer, on Japan’s most southerly island, Kyushu, the annual Fukuoka Whisky Talk festival was held. The city of Fukuoka is known for many things: The infamous Hakata ramen; its exciting nightlife; and many wonderful luxurious, underground bars. While the largest concentration of whisky events throughout the year are […]


Inside The World’s Largest Karuizawa Auction

On the 5th of April, an auction featuring the world’s largest and most exclusive collection of Karuizawa whisky led whisky experts and passionate collectors to the web. The auction ended on  Monday 17th of April, and gave us whisky lovers a lot to talk about. The winning bids amounted to almost £800,000, far above the […]