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The forgotten whisky Bartender’s choice

Bartender’s choice: The forgotten whisky

When it comes to Japanese whiskies Suntory and Nikka are by far the most famous. Other well known whiskies are Mars whisky from Honbu Shuzo, Ichiro´s Malt from Venture Whisky, and of course Karuizawa from Mercin. Another whiskies which used to be somewhat well known abroad are Kirin Whiskies. Lets talk a little bit about […]

Chita Whisky Bartender’s choice

Bartender’s choice: Chita Whisky

When one mentions Suntory’s whisky distilleries, most people think of the Yamazaki distillery in Osaka, which was founded in 1923, making it Japan’s oldest distillery. Another famous distillery is the Hakushu distillery, founded in 1973. I have introduced cocktails made from Hakushu and Yamazaki whiskies in previous articles; however, there is another Suntory distillery with […]

The Story Of The Hibiki

Bartender’s choice: The story of the Hibiki

In the past two columns I have introduced cocktails made with Yamazaki and Hakushu both of which are excellent whiskies. Another excellent Japanese whisky at a similar or higher level is the Hibiki. Suntory introduced it in 1989, aiming to present the best blended whisky there is on the market, and I think most people would […]