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Nikka Date Whisky (With Box)


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A blend of malt and grain produced in Coffey stills at the Miyagikyo Distillery. Named after the feudal warlord, Date Masamune, who ruled the area around the Sendai region during the warring states period. This is an excellent offering from Nikka at a very reasonable price. It comes with an original box. Give it a try!

Whisky OriginJapanese
Single MaltNo
Alcohol Strength43%
Bottle Size70cl
Box ConditionGood
Label ConditionGood
Shoulder LevelGood
Weight 2 kg

Opened by the Nikka Company in 1969, Miyagikyo(u) lies to the south of its sister distillery, Yoichi on the main Island in Japan, close to the city of Sendai, whose name the distillery sometimes adopts. Rather like Yamazaki, the distillery sits next to the confluence of 2 rivers, the Nikkawagawa and Hirosegawa.

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