Do you deliver to my city or country?
For a list of delivery locations,
please see the following page: Shipping & Returns

How long does it take to deliver?
Most bottles will deliver in 7-10 days.Rare bottles may take longer to arrange for secure shipping.

What Do You Specialize In?
We specialize in rare, collectible, and new-release single malt Japanese whisky. We proudly provide Japanese grain whisky, Japanese blended whisky, as well as an extensive range of Scottish whisky released for the Japanese market only.

How Long Have You Been in Business?
The founders of the group have been selling collectibles since 1985 and Dekantā is a family owned and run business.

How Are You Different?
Unlike other websites that sell whisky, we only sell Japanese whisky or whisky made exclusively for Japan. We have one of the best selections of Japanese whisky available anywhere on the planet.

We display larger and higher-resolution photographs for our products as well as more detailed descriptions and technical information for each bottle. On top of that, we have an expert staff who can assist you with anything related to whisky and Japan.

I Don’t Want to Pay With My Credit Card, Is There Another Option?
Yes, you may pay via PayPal or bank transfer. Please contact us and we will provide all the necessary details.

Can You Ship To The USA And Other Parts of The World?
Yes, there is a full list of countries we ship to available here. Possible import duties and taxes may apply. If this applies to you please contact the customs and tax office in your country.

Do You Offer A Same Day Delivery Service?
For high-value orders over $7.000 we can offer same-day or evening delivery depending on your location.

How Do You Ship Your Bottles?
We’ve had over 29 years of experience in shipping expensive, fragile goods worldwide, so you can call us experts in this field! And we think you’ll really like our unique custom-designed shipping boxes.

Do You Supply Gift Packaging?
Many bottles of whisky are originally supplied without packaging. Where size permits, most bottles we offer that are not normally supplied with packaging will come with a beautiful Dekantā branded gift box.

What If You Do Not Have The Bottle That I Am Looking For Or Are Sold Out?
In the unlikely case that we don’t have that bottle you are looking for, we will try our very best to source it for you. Feel free to make requests by email to our team at

Do You Purchase Bottles of Whisky or Whisky Collections?
Yes, please visit our website here.

Being a team of perfectionists, we wanted to create the leading rare Japanese whisky collection for sale online in the world. We have made no compromises in terms of stock or quality.

Our whisky is professionally stored, temperature and humidity controlled, with heat free lights in order to keep the bottles in pristine condition.

Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.