We’ve just crossed over 10,000 Facebook likes and we want to thank you for all of your support… There’s an old saying “I’ll give you a penny for your thoughts”, but we thought we’d add a little twist… “We’ll give you whisky for your wisdom”

How’s it work? Simply tell us your favorite whisky quote! It could be one by a famous author, celebrity, athlete or you could make one up yourself. Submit a great quote and you could win some FREE whisky! We’ll be giving away a bottle of Hibiki 21 and more than $500 in gift-cards!

(1) Find your favorite whisky-related quotation OR make up your own. Feel free to use Google, your local bartender, Uncle Joe or any other source you’d like.

(2) Post your #whiskywisdom on our Facebook page OR using the form below. All entries must be submitted by June 1st, 2017.

(3) That’s it! We’ll notify all winners within 7 days of contest completion.


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