Tsunuki Distillery

Hombo Shuzo Co. owns the ever-popular ji-whisky Mars Shinshu Distillery, known as the highest distillery in Japan.

Located between the north and south Japanese Alps at nearly 800 meters high, this distillery is in the Nagano Prefecture and produces popular whisky brands such as Iwai Tradition and Komagatake. You can find more Mars Shinshu and Hombo Shuzo Co. whiskies in our extensive collection here.

In 2016, Hombo Shuzo opened a second distillery at the homebase of the company, to add new flavour profiles to its whisky releases.

Now that Japanese whisky has gained more recognition within Japan and around the world, Tsunuki Distillery can be considered the revival of the former Kagoshima distillery that once resided in Kyushu.

Fully equipped with a 5,800-liter wash still, a 3,300-liter spirit still, and an aging cellar, Tsunuki has helped expand Mars Whisky’s brand and provide more variety in whisky flavors to customers.

In celebration of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Tsunuki is expected to release an exclusive single-malt whisky for this historical event, which will represent an exciting and significant achievement of Hombo Shuzo Co.’s new distillery.