The Next Chapter

When we introduced the first Trinitas bottle on New Year’s Eve, fans rushed to get a bottle. In a matter of hours, the bottles were sold out.We’re now proud to introduce the next chapter in the Trinitas range with two new expressions unlike any other you’ll have the chance to purchase this year. Sanmi-Ittai, or Trinitas in Latin, is a tribute to the founders of the Hanyu distillery. These great craftsmen produced Japanese Whisky that was ahead of its time, and were instrumental in developing the industry into a recognized leader around the world. Each of the bottlings in the Trinitas Series pays homage to blender Shimzaki, blender Inoue and former Hanyu president Mr. Akuto.


For many years, Japanese Whisky struggled to survive. The years it took to age the liquid created cash flow problems, which was compounded by the fact that, at the time, the local Japan market preferred other types of spirits like Shochu and Sake…. The global market was still obsessed with Scotch and Bourbon, leaving Japanese distilleries in poor financial condition. The result was that many of these distilleries, which pioneered the Japanese Whisky we know and love today, are no longer around.

Hanyu Distillery

One of the most famous of these now silent operations was the Hanyu Distillery.In the midst of war in 1941, the Akuto family built the Hanyu distillery and obtained a license to produce alcohol in 1946. The Akuto family had been in the brewing business since the 1600s and established an outstanding reputation for delivering high quality spirits. After experiencing Scottish single malts, they developed a passion for remarkable whisky and were driven to produce their own, Japanese, single malts. Their efforts pushed Japanese Whisky forward, but the local Japanese market wasn’t receptive at the time. Eventually, Hanyu were forced to close their doors in 2000.

A Lost Experience

In the years since their closure, Japanese Whisky has exploded in popularity. The liquid that they struggled to sell has now become some of the most prized in the world. It’s now recognized as some of the best whisky ever produced and enthusiasts have scrambled to find bottles.The huge demand and limited supply has caused prices to soar. At auction, Hanyu bottles often sell for tens of thousands of dollars… Putting those bottles out of reach for all but the most elite collectors. And, even those who can afford these bottles rarely open them. The liquid is locked away in sealed bottles that are never enjoyed.

Bringing Back The Legacy

So we started working diligently with a Japanese bottler to produce a series of expressions that would celebrate the legacy of the Hanyu distillery, and make each of the bottles accessible to more collectors. This process started by taking whisky from one of Hanyu’s remaining casks and using that as the base for blended expressions that would showcase the unique character and traits of the distillery. The blended liquid was then placed into individual casks to age until it was just right and ready for its worldwide debut.

The Trinitas Japanese Whisky Legendary Warrior

Trinitas No. 2 – The Legendary Warrior

The second release in the Trinitas series, the Legendary Warrior, celebrates resilience. He is a fitting symbol in the history of Japanese Whisky, as the industry has overcome years of struggle and adversity to become the most prized liquid in the world. Just as the most famous warriors are only celebrated after their death, the Hanyu distillery has risen to new heights of fame after the stills have stopped. This immaculate Sherry Cask release, bottled from cask #5002, bears a beautiful illustration of a Japanese Warrior that will be a powerful force among any whisky collection.

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Trinitas No. 3 – The Silent Geisha

The Silent Geisha, the third release in the Trinitas series, celebrates humility. In Japanese culture humility is not just celebrated as a virtue, it is a way of life. Arrogance and boasting simply have no place in traditional Japanese conduct. Instead, the Japanese believe in drawing attention to the achievements and accolades of others, even if that means belittling themselves in the process. This characteristic is symbolic of each of the influencers celebrated by the Trinitas series. These honorable individuals were great stewards of humility, always seeking to build up the industry no matter how it impacted their own interests. This outstanding release, bottled from cask #5003, showcases an elegant Geisha that will add a silent aura of strength to your top shelf.

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The Trinitas Japanese Whisky Silent Geisha

Remarkable Whisky

The whisky is a remarkable blend that has perfectly captured the essence and spirit of Hanyu. By having the best blenders in the industry combine original Hanyu whisky with carefully selected malts, the result is spectacular… The three pioneers celebrated by each of these bottles would be proud.

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In keeping with our commitment to allow more people to put whisky from this notable silent distillery on their shelf, we’re really ecstatic to offer each of these bottles for just $349… or, for a limited time, you can buy the pair for just $598! With the huge amount of interest in Hanyu whisky and its incredible story, this is a really rare opportunity. Without doubt, these bottles will be an instant classic.

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