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At dekanta, we’ve formed strong working partnerships with a number of Japan’s very best distilleries, giving you the opportunity to get your hands on whisky that no one else can.

One such partnership is with the Hanyu Distillery, which has been revived by Toa Shuzo some 23 years after the original distillery, most famous for the Ichiro’s Malt Card Series – the most expensive Japanese whisky collection of all time – was forced to close its doors.

The new distillery is operated by General Manager, Mr Shimazaki-san, who also worked at the original Hanyu. He told us that they used blueprints from the original distillery when creating their pot stills, and are focused on using the same processes and systems to create whisky that is just as special as the original.

What’s more, Mr Shimazaki believes that the introduction of modern technology to the distillery will allow them to be even more accurate and precise with their distilling and maturation than ever before, leading to some truly outstanding single malt whiskies.

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Working with The Hanyu Distillery

Through our partnership with Hanyu, we are delighted to be able to offer a limited number of casks of Hanyu Single Malt Japanese Whisky to our loyal customers, allowing you to live the dream of owning a full cask of whisky from a legendary Japanese distillery. Cask purchases come with opportunities to sample the liquid, visit the distillery and create your very own independent bottling of Hanyu Single Malt Whisky.

With limited quantities available, it’s worth registering your interest today. By simply clicking the link below and filling out the relevant fields, you’ll have taken the first step in building your Japanese whisky cask portfolio.