Sanmi-Ittai Trinitas Mizunara Edition

Celebrating The Pioneers Of Japanese Whisky

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Celebrate The Pioneers Of Japanese Whisky

Building upon the popularity of the two previous editions…. The third edition of the Trinitas range is a tribute to the three most prominent pioneers of Japanese Whisky. These great craftsmen produced exceptional expressions that were ahead of their time, and were instrumental in developing the industry into a recognized leader around the globe. The Trinitas bottles pay homage to blender Shimzaki, blender Inoue and former president Mr. Akuto — the father of Japanese Whisky legend Ichiro Akuto.


Legendary Whisky Lives On

The third edition in the Trinitas series is the best yet featuring a blended single cask expression that showcases the unique character and traits of Japanese Whisky that has made it one of the most desirable spirits in the world.It was crafted by the expert blenders at Toashuzo Hanyu who carefully selected a combination of premium malts to yield a whisky that captures the bold style of these legendary pioneers. The blended liquid was then aged together in a Mizunara cask until it was just right and ready to share with fans worldwide.

Experience The Power of Mizunara Oak

The allure of Japanese mizunara oak is sung across the whisky world, and for good reason. It is one of the rarest and most expensive types of oak in the world, imparting an array of unique flavors that gives the whisky a sophisticated edge.It takes over 200 years before a mizunara tree is old enough to be formed into a cask and even then it is among the most difficult woods to work with. Distillers have spent years of dedicated work to master the challenging characteristics of mizunara and use it to bring about distinguished notes that feel distinctly like Japan.


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With the huge amount of interest in Japanese Whisky and the incredible story of these legendary pioneers, this is a really rare opportunity… Without doubt, these bottles will be an instant classic and once they sell out it’s unlikely you’ll ever see a similar release again. Just 286 bottles were produced.Bottles begin shipping immediately, reserve yours today.