Japanese Whisky Casks Available Now.

For anyone who has ever dreamed of owning their own Japanese Whisky Cask, we’re pleased to offer the opportunity of a lifetime. This week, we’re pleased to unveil an expanded selection of premium single malt casks from one of Japan’s fastest rising craft distilleries – Nagahama.

The Pinnacle Of Your Collection

Despite the on-going whisky shortage, which has made purchasing casks of Japanese whisky near impossible, we’ve managed to get our hands on some exceptional casks from the Nagahama distillery and today we’re giving you the chance to add one to your whisky collection, making you one of very few individuals in the world to own a cask of Japanese whisky.

Reserve Your Cask Today

After completing your purchase full ownership and title for your chosen cask will be transferred to your name, giving you the sole discretion in deciding the future of your whisky. The cask will continue to mature at the Nagahama distillery until you decide to bottle, with 7 years of storage included. In addition, you’ll also be sent a gift package to welcome you to the community of cask owners. This package includes framed official cask certificate, a 100ml sample of Nagahama’s unreleased single malt, a 700ml bottle of Nagahama’s New Make and a 700ml bottle of the award-winning Amahagan World Blend Edition from Nagahama.

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The Casks

We’re pleased to offer an expanded selection that now includes three different types of Nagahama new-make casks. Each of these unique whiskies require another 2 years maturing before they are ‘single malts’ by definition, making them the perfect purchase for those looking for a long-term investment, or those wanting to mature and bottle their very own whisky from scratch.

225L Sherry Cask New

Nagahama distilled their crisp new-make spirit before specially selecting a top quality sherry cask for maturation. Sherry casks impart rich, moreish notes of raisins, winter berries and gentle spices, which will combine perfectly with the beautifully smooth Nagahama spirit to create a delicious and balanced whisky.

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225L Madeira Cask

Nagahama created their excellent new-make spirit before carefully selecting a top quality Madeira cask for maturation. Madeira is a fortified wine made on the Portugese Madeira islands, so expect rich notes of dried fruits, winter berries, plum and sticky dates to combine with the smooth, crisp and lightly fruity notes of Nagahama whisky.

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What You Get

Frequently Asked Questions

How does cask ownership work?

Upon completing your purchase the title for the cask will be updated with your information. This legally records you as the cask owner.

Can I have my cask shipped to me?

No. Casks cannot be transported and must continue to be matured at the Nagahama Distillery until you decide to bottle your cask. Bottled expressions can then be shipped to the location of your choice.

Can I visit my cask?

Visiting your cask is possible and can be arranged with the distillery. These visits are subject to availability and fees assessed by the distillery.

Can I resell my cask?

Yes. You can resell your cask at any time. Simply notify the distillery of the ownership transfer so they can update title records accordingly. (A small fee may apply for transfers)

How much does storage & insurance cost?

Storage and insurance is included for up to 7 years. After that point, if you wish to continue maturing longer, storage will cost $150 per year.

What do I receive with the purchase of my cask

– Official framed cask certificate

– 7 Years Of Cask Storage

– 100ml Sample of Nagahama’s Unreleased Single Malt

– 700ml Nagahama New Make

– 700ml Amahagan World Blend Edition from Nagahama

What are payment terms?

10% deposit is due immediately with balance due by wire transfer within 7 days.