Building on the legacy of our award-winning trilogy of World Blended whiskies,
our latest anniversary creation embodies the sentiment of ‘Mono No Aware’ — an
evocative Japanese concept that appreciates the transient beauty of life. 

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Mono No Aware

The bittersweet appreciation of life’s fleeting
moments, much like the ephemeral beauty
of cherry blossoms during Sakura season.

Whisky connoisseurs understand this
sentiment deeply. Each sip of a meticulously
crafted dram is a unique experience, a
moment in time that can never be precisely
replicated. This is especially poignant with
limited edition or single cask whiskies,
where each taste is a rare and treasured
encounter, never to be experienced again.


A Harmonious Fusion

With only 260 bottles produced, this
enchanting blend is a harmonious fusion of
fine Scotch whisky and three exceptional
Japanese whiskies from emerging distilleries
in Japan. For us, the Mono No Aware comes
not just from drinking the final product but
also from the meticulous but spiritual
blending process.

Crafted exclusively from single-cask
whiskies, this blend holds a unique spiritual 
significance, knowing we would never blend
with these whiskies again. Every individual
involved savored each moment in this
process, dedicated to perfecting the blend
and creating an unforgettable experience.


Fresh, Rich and Well-Balanced

The final expression is a well-balanced, moreish blended whisky that combines rich,
fruity and oaky Scotch, with lighter, floral and subtly smoky Japanese whisky

On the Nose 

Vibrant zest of fresh citrus and sliced apple, complemented by hints of dried
berries. These bright flavors then give way to subtle layers of vanilla, butterscotch,
and buttered toast.

On the Palate 

Begins with a fresh burst of poached pear and light oak, then gradually reveals a
rich tapestry of flavors as the oak deepens, mingling with notes of cocoa, cinnamon,
and warm brown sugar.

The Finish

Lingers beautifully, leaving you with refreshing floral notes and hints of baked
apple, fresh berries, and charred oak.

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Mono No Aware through Manga Art

Mono No Aware” holds a special place in Japanese culture, so much so that
an entire section of Manga art is dedicated to it. Some of Japan’s most
celebrated Manga artists focus exclusively on this theme, capturing
fleeting moments of contentment and joy with their elegant illustrations.

Inspired by this, we felt it was only fitting for the label of this year’s
anniversary bottling to feature the serene experience of enjoying a limited
edition whisky, beautifully depicted through the art of Manga.

By Richard Ford III

Hailing from the artistic heart of Detroit,
Michigan, Richard Ford III (RF3RD) is a 
distinguished visual artist thriving in the
vibrant art scene of New York City. Richard’s 
creations are a captivating fusion of anime and 
manga inspirations, complemented by his
roots in graffiti art. This unique combination
infuses his work with striking attitude, depth,
color, and character.

To celebrate this special anniversary, we are
thrilled to present a limited-edition manga
comic book masterfully illustrated by Richard
with every bottle purchase. This exclusive
piece beautifully captures the essence of
‘MONO NO AWARE’ through its dynamic
and evocative illustrations.

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