Japanese Whisky Lockdown Sale

Share A Remarkable Experience with Outstanding Whisky Collections.

Even though we may be locked down at home, outside the sun is shining and spring is beginning to come into full flow.Quite simply, there’s never been a better time to top up your whisky cabinet with perfectly crafted expressions of Japanese Whisky! With that mind, we’ve put together a range of unique two and three bottle collections, allowing you to get your hands on several masterful whiskies at deeply discounted prices.

Each of these hand-picked collections gives you the opportunity to explore numerous aspects of the Japanese whisky landscape, broadening your horizons and whisky knowledge, while delighting your senses and creating lasting memories at the same time.

These specially priced collections are only available until April 27th, so place your order today!


Fresh and Hot

Just $799.89 $679.99 for the collection

Mars Tsunuki The First, Nikka Miyagikyo Apple Brandy Finish

This two bottle set brings together two the best new Japanese whisky releases of the year so far, one from Nikka and one from Hombo Mars. Each has a story of its own to tell and features a delicious array of aromas and flavours for you to explore.

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Taste The Elements

Just $1,149.98 $969.99 for the collection

Yoichi 12, Hakushu 12

This two bottle set includes the Yoichi 12 Year Old and the Hakushu 12 Year Old, two incredible expressions that embody their distillery’s surroundings. The Yoichi was made on the blustery island of Hokkaido and is rich, with notes of sea air, peat smoke and winter fruits.

The Hakushu was made deep in the forest, high in the Japanese mountains. It’s crisp, refreshing and tastes incredibly natural, most likely thanks to the fresh mountain water that goes into the whisky.

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Complete Harmony

Just $1,999.97 $1,699.99 for the collection

Hibiki 12, Hibiki 17, Hibiki 21

Experience two of our best releases of 2018. You’ll receive a bottle of single cask Japanese Whisky aged in a Port Ellen cask and a beautiful bottle of our exclusive Geisha Neko red wine. Get the pair at remarkable savings.

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Rising Stars

Just $999.97 $849.99 for the collection

Akkeshi San, Amahagan Edition 3, Akashi Flying Tiger

This three bottle sets lets you experience whisky from three of Japan’s fastest rising distilleries – Akkeshi, Nagahama and Akashi. Each of them represents the future of Japanese whisky and their expressions are all ready getting attention around the world, with the Nagahama winning a World Whisky Award earlier this year.

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The Discontinueds

Just $1529.97 $1,299.99 for the collection

Taketsuru 17, Hibiki 17, Hakushu 12

This three bottle set allows you to get your hands on a trio of icons of Japanese whisky that have sadly been discontinued. Each of these was a firm fan favourite, but fell victim to the on-going Japanese whisky shortage. Not only are they delicious, but they’re now also collectable.

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Three In A Row

Just $12,599.97 $10,699.99 for the collection

Ichiro’s Malt & Grain Japanese Blended Whisky 2018, 2019 & 2020

This three bottle whisky set lets you get your the “World’s Best Blended Limited Release” from 2018, 2019 and 2020. That’s right, Ichiro’s Malt has now won three World Whisky Awards on the bounce for their annual Japanese Blended Whisky release. These are truly outstanding expressions that you won’t forget in a hurry.

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Beginner’s Guide

Just $424.97$359.99 for the collection

Hibiki Japanese Harmony, Hakushu Distillers Reserve, Nikka From The Barrel

This three bottle set allows you to take your first step into Japanese whisky, exploring the fantastic entry-level expressions on offer from the country’s best producers. 

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Single Cask Heaven

Just $2,379.98$2,019.99 for the collection

Mars Komagatake Hojo, Chichibu London Edition 2019

This two bottle set let’s you explore a duo of superb single cask whiskies from two of Japan’s best – Chichibu and Mars Shinsu. Not only do these whiskies bring an excellent drinking experience, but due to their limited nature, they’re also highly collectable. 

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Dekanta Private Label

Just $999.98 $849.99 for the collection

Kigai, Kavalan ‘Two’

This two bottle set lets you get your hands on a brilliant duo from our range of private label bottlings. One of these comes from Taiwan’s fast-rising Kavalan distillery, while the other was our incredibly special anniversary bottling. Both are single cask whiskies, so are highly limited in numbers.

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Suntory Intro

Just $499.97 $419.99 for the collection

Yamazaki Distillers Reserve, Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve, Chita

This three bottle set gives you the perfect introduction to one of Japan’s best and most-loved whisky producers – Suntory. With an expression from each of their distillery’s, this set will expand your knowledge, delight your senses and probably make you fall in love.

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Nikka Intro

Just$319.98 $269.99 for the collection

Yoichi Single Malt & Miyagikyo Single Malt

This two bottle set gives you the perfect introduction to Nikka, the company founded by “The Father of Japanese Whisky”, Masataka Taketsuru. Each expression brings a unique flavour of its distillery, with the Miyagikyo being light and fruity and the Yoichi being rich and full.

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Musically Inspired

Just $1,349.97$1,139.99 for the collection

Suntory Royal Piano Type, Suntory Royal Pottery Performance, Suntory 15 Year Old Harp Bottle

This three bottle set brings together a trio of the most eclectic, musically influenced Japanese whiskies on the market together. Each holds fantastic whisky inside, made by some of the country’s top distillers, and looks the part in any whisky cabinet.

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The Trinitas Collection

Just $1,099.97$919.99 for the collection

Trinitas No.1 – The Lost Distillery, Trinitas No.2 –  The Legendary Warrior, Trinitas No.3 – The Silent Geisha

This three bottle set allows you to get your hands on three prized whiskies that make up the stunning Trinitas Collection. Each of these includes single malt whisky produced at the legendary, but now closed, Hanyu distillery and they are highly collectable.

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Celebrate The Zodiac

Just $4,599.97$3,899.99 for the collection

Chichibu Rat, Togouchi Samurai Zodiac Series, Suntory Old Whisky Limited Edition 2020

This three bottle set brings together special whiskies released to celebrate the zodiac year. Each bottle is unique and collectable in its own right and they come from some of the finest distillers and blenders in the whole of Japan.

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Complete Essence of Suntory Collection

Just $4,399.97 $3,719.99for the collection

All 3 volumes

This 8 bottle set allows you to get your hands on all three volumes of the iconic Essence of Suntory Collection. Each volume brings a different theme, from sherry cask Yamazaki to Rye-type Hakushu, and they’ll look superb lined up in your whisky cabinet.

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