The Most Collectible Japanese Whisky Release Of 2022…

You don’t want to miss this limited edition collection that elegantly showcases the beauty of Japanese art, kanji and whisky.


On February 11th we’ll be unveiling an exciting collection of bottles that combine extraordinary single malt whisky with a design that captures the true essence of Japanese culture through stunning depictions of the Japanese Sea Nettle Jellyfish – a sea dweller that is gentle, beautiful and elegant in appearance but strong and powerful underneath.

The set merges the unparalleled beauty of Japanese art and kanji with whisky from the worlds most iconic distillery to create a breathtaking masterpiece. Each of these facets is an important part of Japan’s history and the collection pays tribute to the pursuit of excellence that has served as a cornerstone in the Japanese way of life.

It’s a striking set that is sure to be one of the most collectible and highly sought after Japanese Whisky releases of the year.

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