The Iiyama Mountain Farm Distillery is not one that many people outside of
Japan have heard of. But that is about to change, as dekantā partners with
Kiyokawa to present to you a small number of casks available for ownership.

Be amongst the first to own a unique cask from the new generation of
Japan’s whisky pioneers — Kiyokawa.


An Ode to the Impossible

Creating whisky directly from farm to bottle
is a beautiful concept. However, since barley
farming is not a common practice in Japan and
Iiyama has an extreme climate, Kiyokawa knew
this would be a challenging endeavour.

After two failed attempts, Kiyokawa and the
Iiyama Mountain Farm Distillery persisted in
their pursuit of homegrown barley. Finally, on
their third try, they successfully created a
crossbreed of barley that would withstand the
extreme conditions while holding the ideal
characteristics for whisky production.

This is testament to their determination to
create a truly unique whisky in Japan, and
their commitment to terroir.


The Most Serene Landscape

Set high in the mountains of Iiyama in
the Nagano Prefecture, close to Iiyama
, this idyllic, independent distillery
is nestled among some of Japan’s most
precious and untouched scenery, often
referenced in songs and tales of folklore,
this rich, natural landscape.


Pioneers of Japanese Whisky

Like the Togari Onsen Distillery, Iiyama Farm
is owned by Kiyokawa and has only
been producing whisky since 2019 and is yet
to release a single malt expression. 

They have already made great strides in its
short history, and their “Farm to Bottle
concept is something that has not been
done in Japan until now.


Kiyokawa Tasting Notes

Marsala Cask Tasting Notes
The palate is warm and sweet with notes
of peach and apricot. Surprisingly
enjoyable for a 62 percent ABV whisky.
The finish is malty, floral, with a hint of
candied ginger.

Oloroso Cask Tasting Notes
Rich and complex. There is a creaminess
to the mouthfeel that brings back the
sherry with lots of dark fruits like raisins,
black cherries, along with chocolate
sweetness. Delightfully smooth for a cask
strength whisky.

Cask purchases include storage for 8 years, bottling and labelling and come with opportunities to visit the distillery and request samples.

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