June 11, 2018

The Kikou Japanese Whisky Unveiled At London Launch Event

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Unveiling The Kikou To The World

This Summer, at a spectacular launch event in London, the world was introduced to one of the most exciting Japanese Whisky releases of the year.As the veil was lifted, the crowd swarmed to get a glimpse of the historic bottling before them. While the beautiful design and stunning wooden stand left many in awe, it was the whisky inside that had the real story to tell.

The Kikou takes the booming category of Japanese Whisky and fuses it with the traditions of Scotch, producing an expression as unique as they come.The release offers enthusiasts the opportunity to experience Eigashima whisky aged in a Port Ellen cask, a rare combination that is unlikely to be repeated ever again.

To commemorate the Kikou and it’s amazing launch event, we’ve combined the best moments from the evening into a 2-minute highlight reel. Watch the video above.

History In A Bottle

The Kikou bottling pays homage to the rich history of Japanese whisky by aging in a cask from the world renowned Port Ellen distillery in Scotland. This is an acknowledgement of the Scottish education of Masataka Taketsuru, the industry pioneer regarded as the “Father Of Japanese Whisky.” By learning the process of Scotland’s premiere distilleries, Taketsuru was able to bring those concepts back to Japan and launch the first Japanese whisky distillery.


The Future Meets The Past

Eigashima Distillery is one of the rising stars of the Japanese Whisky industry. A family owned distillery, Eigashima has kept production small in order to retain the high production standards and innovative new offerings.

The Kikou combines the remarkable liquid from Eigashima with maturation in a Port Ellen cask. This is truly a historic marriage combining the future of Japanese Whisky with an iconic Scottish distillery of the past.

Port Ellen distillery stopped production in 1983, ending a legacy that began in 1833. Its iconic whisky is now some of the most sought among collectors.

The Kikou is a remarkable, revolutionary marriage of Eigashima and Port Ellen. A combination unlikely to be repeated ever again.


Beautiful Design

The historic nature of this whisky deserved exceptional delivery. This is a remarkable bottle that includes a hand crafted wooden presentation stand. This is a showcase piece that looks as beautiful as the whisky contained within.

The label depicts a chrysanthemum, a flower local to Akashi City park which hosts the Eigashima distillery. The design draws upon the Ukiyo-e style of Japanese art which flourished in modern Tokyo, then known as Edo, in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. The chrysanthemum, like Eigashima distillery, thrives in the saline rich soil of the Akashi City park, breathing the ocean-rich air of the Kobe Bay and offering complex beauty in return. These magnificent, kaleidoscope blooms can be found throughout the park around this special distillery.


Limited Quantities Remain

Today could be your last chance to put a Kikou bottle on your own shelf. Supplies of this rare piece of Japanese whisky history are running low.Only 300 bottles were produced and, once they’re sold out, they will never be available again.Included with each bottle is a beautifully designed wooden stand that is sure to make the release stand out among any collection.

Don’t miss your chance, buy a bottle today.

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