The Kigai

Mizunara Finished Single Cask Japanese Whisky

The History Of Scotch. The Power Of Mizunara.

The Kigai is the second release in the ‘Ki’ series, once again paying homage to the rich history of Japanese whisky by starting in a cask from the world renowned Port Ellen distillery in Scotland before being finished in a Japanese Mizunara cask. This single cask single malt is symbolic of the path of Masataka Taketsuru, the industry pioneer regarded as the “Father of Japanese Whisky”, who journeyed to Scotland to learn the art of whisky making before returning to his Japanese homeland. The Kigai marries an exceptional Japanese Single Malt with maturation in both a Scottish and Japanese cask, a rare combination unlike any other.

The Kigai Japanese Whisky
The Kigai Japanese Whisky

The Spirit Of The Samurai

The label and packaging is inspired by a Shōgun military leader of the Samurai caste, and is so named Kigai, meaning ‘strong, willful and unshakeable’ in Japanese. The Samurai lives his life by the code of bushido, ‘the way of the warrior’. He is self-disciplined, loyal to his Emperor and has a strong code of ethics. Time spent in a cask of Japanese Mizunara oak brings forth the spirit of the Samurai. Gentle, fruity notes of the Eigashima spirit, along with the maritime influence of the ex-Port Ellen cask, are overlaid with the spicy aroma of the Mizunara cask. The Mizunara tree is the warrior of the Japanese forest, a difficult oak to work with, but a rare jewel imbued with Kigai, which means ‘strong spirit’ in Japanese.

The Kigai Japanese Whisky

Continuing The Tradition & Art Of Fine Whisky

Less than 100 yards from the Harimanada sea, Eigashima Shuzo is the closest whisky distillery to the coast in Japan, and this is reflected in the savoury, saline pure character of the distillery’s produce. A family operated distillery that has been producing traditional Japanese alcoholic beverages for over three centuries, Eigashima Shuzo was the first Japanese whisky to be granted a license to produce whisky in 1919.

Still Japan’s smallest whisky producer, Eigashima holds a place dear in the hearts of Japanese Whisky enthusiasts, having stayed true to their particular and exacting production standards for a whole century.

Statue at Eigashima Distillery of founder Urabe Heikichi

The Kigai Japanese Whisky

Beautiful Design

The Shōgun was a military leader who held ultimate rule over Japan’s territories, commanding the respect and honour of all of those under his reign. This release has been carefully designed to capture the essence of the Shōgun in the beautiful bottle and immaculate packaging. The alluring label design draws inspiration from Japanese art to bring the illustration to life with the power and strength of the Shōgun. Each bottle is complemented by an elegant wooden presentation stand that has been meticulously handcrafted in the shape of a Shogun helmet with intricate etching flowing across the woodwork. When you see this bottle it doesn’t just capture your attention, it demands it.


Limited Quantities Available

With only 352 bottles available, the Kigai is a highly limited expression. This second release from the widely acclaimed Ki series is expected to sell out quickly.

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The Kigai Japanese Whisky