The Most Rare Kavalan Single Cask Whisky Of 2018 is Coming…

We’ll be on-site at Kavalan Distillery. Watch as we unveil one of the most remarkable Asian releases this year. Just in time for the holidays.

On November 16th, we’ll be unveiling a single cask expression from Kavalan that is the most rare to come from the distillery this year. The cask was hand selected after sampling a wide range from the distillery in close collaboration with master distiller Ian Chung. It’s notable for being the first cask of it’s kind to be released this year and one of a hand full to be released in the history of the distillery. It’s a rare whisky that will be the perfect complement for holiday celebrations around the world.

You don’t want to miss this online unveiling on November 16th. As a special bonus, everyone who registers will be among the first eligible to purchase a bottle. The early you register, the better your position in line. Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to witness this amazing bottle, and get the opportunity to own one for yourself.

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