Join The Waitlist For Karuizawa Cask Offerings

Have you ever wanted to own a cask or multiple casks of Japanese whisky? What about a cask from Karuizawa? As a direct partner of the new Karuizawa distillery, we’ve been granted limited access to a selection of casks and as one of our valued subscribers we’d like to invite you to explore this exciting opportunity. It’s your chance to get your hands on expertly crafted, delicious and investable casks of single malt from a well recognized name in the world of Japanese Whisky.

Despite the on-going whisky shortage, which has made purchasing casks of Japanese whisky nearly impossible, we’ve managed to get our hands on some exceptional casks and while supplies last we’re giving select clients the ability to add one to their whisky collection, placing them among the few individuals in the world to own a cask of Japanese whisky.

Casks from Japanese distilleries have become increasingly scarce as popularity for the legendary liquid continues to grow. When casks do come available they sell quickly to investors who are drawn to the robust growth which has averaged more than 20% per annum over the past 5 years.

In order to be among the first to get access to cask offerings from Karuizawa, sign up for the waitlist now.

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