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At dekanta, we’ve fostered a close working relationship with Mr Totsuka-san and the Karuizawa Distillery in order to bring both the joys of their liquid and their epic story to Japanese whisky lovers the world over.

Through this partnership, we are delighted to have access to a limited number of single malt sherry casks from the Karuizawa Distillery and we are even more delighted to announce that these are now available for our loyal customers to purchase, allowing you to live the dream of owning a full cask of whisky from a legendary Japanese distillery.

Cask purchases come with opportunities to sample the liquid, visit the distillery and create your very own independent bottling of Karuizawa Single Malt Whisky.

With extremely limited quantities available, it’s worth registering your interest today. By simply filling out the relevant fields and pressing submit, you’ll have taken the first step in your journey to becoming a Japanese whisky cask owner.

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Working with The Karuizawa Distillery

The new Karuizawa Distillery was built in 2021 by Mr Shigeru Totsuka-san, with ex-Karuizawa Master Distiller, Osama Uchibori-san, as his adviser and ex-Karuizawa Distiller, Yoshiyuki Nakazato-san, taking on the role of Master Distiller.

Situated in the town of Karuizawa itself, the distillery’s setting at the foothills of Mount Asama is stunning, with year round vistas that range from vibrant green and yellow forests in the summer months, to gleaming snow covered peaks that attract skiers from around the globe in the winter.

Mr Totsuka-san and his team are more than aware of the rich legacy that comes with the distillery name, and they are keen to protect this with everything they have. It is for this reason that they have chosen to use only top quality sherry casks, and each of these has a minimum aging requirement of 10 years, ensuring that when bottles finally hit the market, they will be of the highest standard.