dekantā Aoi Edition

Commemorative Release Celebrating Fifth Anniversary

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Commemorating An Important Milestone

The Asaka Aoi Edition is an exclusive release celebrating dekantā’s 5th anniversary. When looking for the perfect name for a release that commemorates such an important milestone in the history of our company, the team was drawn to the Japanese the word “Aoi” which means blue. With blue being a color commonly used to represent a 5 year wedding anniversary among our Western clients, combined with the profound significance of the color in Japan, it was the perfect fit. Blue represents purity and cleanliness in traditional Japanese culture, largely because of the vast stretches of blue water that surround the Japanese islands. Today, the importance of the color can be seen in every aspect of Japanese life, from the national football team uniforms and the Tokyo Olympics logo, to the traditional kimonos and yukatas worn by women and men across the country.

Showcasing The Future Of Japanese Whisky

Sasanokawa Shuzo was founded in the Tohuko region of Japan, all the way back in 1765. Over the next 150-some years, they perfected the craft of sake and shochu production, becoming famous for their expressions around the entire country. With the likes of Suntory and Nikka dominating the industry, Yamazakura set itself apart by focusing exclusively on blended whiskies that gained a loyal following around Japan. However, in 2015, Sasanokawa decided that they wanted to take the next step in the whisky world and begin producing their own single malt whiskies, and so, they built the Asaka distillery deep in the mountains of Fukushima prefecture. We are just now beginning to get a taste of these fantastic expressions and with rave reviews pouring in from fans, we expect Asaka to play an important role in the future of Japanese Whisky.

Exceptional Whisky

Distilled in 2017, this whisky will have matured in a first-fill bourbon cask for 3 years before being bottled in July 2020. It brings an astounding array of notes to the table that allow us to peak behind the curtain of the Asaka distillery and experience first hand the passion, knowledge and expertise of those working there. The nose brings a burst of citrus fruits, freshly sliced apples, gentle oak and hints of pear drops, before making way for vanilla ice cream, salted caramel, creamy toffee, candied lemon peel and gentle pepper spice on the palate. The finish is medium length and tops the whole thing off in style with another vibrant burst of juicy fruits, baked apples and gentle spiced oak.


Iconic Design

The significance of the Aoi Edition demanded that it be presented just right. This remarkable bottle captures the passion of dekanta’s founder, Makiyo Masa, with an iconic photo in which she wears a blue kimono surrounded by gorgeous blue toned flowers. It’s an elegant bottle that showcases Makiyo’s ambition and commitment to deliver the finest whisky to clients around the world. With gold lettering, classic design, and the face of our founder, we’re sure this bottle deserves a spot at the forefront of your collection.

Limited Quantities Available

With only 343 bottles available, the Aoi Edition is a highly limited single cask release. This special expression commemorating the fifth dekantā anniversary is expected to be in high demand among fans and collectors around the globe. It’s a great way to put the spirit and ambition of our founder, Makiyo Masa, on your own shelf.

Bottles will be bottled and begin shipping in early July. Pre-order your bottle now.

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