The Pursuit Of Perfection

Free of tradition, led by originality, experimentation, and a unique climate for grape cultivation, Japanese wine was born.

Taking the traditional Japanese path towards perfection, wine-makers ventured into the competitive wine world, challenging perceptions with each step. Learning from Western wine-makers, while developing their own techniques and methods, Japanese wine has quickly grown into a strong, complex category in the wine world.
Just over a century later, the category is amassing awards on a global scale, converting wine fans the world over, and competing with wine industry goliaths.

Our team has travelled to each corner of Japan to stock our cellar with the most extraordinary wines. Following Japan’s whisky grains and exotic gin botanicals, domestic grapes are leading the new movement of Japanese wine.

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Japanese Grape Varieties

In major wine-making areas, like France and California, the climate differs greatly to Japan. With a dream of cultivating grape varieties, the Japanese had to improvise, breeding known varieties which could survive the hot, humid climate. Here we showcase these Japanese creations, and all the flavours they offer.

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Japanese Blended Wine

From Bordeux-style wines to cuvée blends, we bring some of the most balanced blended Japanese wines out there. Blending domestically grown grapes, European varieties, and expert craftsmanship, each bottle introduces a different side to the booming industry.

Traditional Grape Varieties

There are Merlot grapes from France, and Iwadarehara Merlot grapes from Japan. Zweigelt from Austria, and Zweigelt grapes from Hokkaido. Originating from abroad, but grown in Japanese soil, these expressions showcase the world’s most famous grape varieties, sculpted through Japanese skill.