While it’s always sad to see production of a notable bottle go dark, the exciting part of this process is that it results in the introduction of completely new releases.While the entire Nikka age range is no more, the company is looking to keep fans happy by releasing some fantastic new bottles.

The underlying problem that has led to discontinuation has been popularity. As Japanese Whisky has risen in global recognition, demand has surged. Producers had no way of anticipating the current boom and as such did not put sufficient quantities of liquid into barrels.With no way to go back in time or accelerate the aging process, the only option is to discontinue aged releases and replace them with no-age-statement varieties.

Two of the most popular new releases are the Nikka Yoichi Single Malt and Nikka Miyagikyo Single Malt releases.Each of these bottles is a no-age-statement whisky, giving the company flexibility to use casks of varying maturation ages. While the lack of an age may give some fans pause, the benefit is that these new releases offer a much more affordable entry point.

The lack of well aged stocks has also led to more experimentation with different cask finishes. Late last year Nikka received widespread praise for it’s Miyagikyo Single Malt Moscatel Wood Finish and Yoichi Single Malt Moscatel Wood Finish.We expect that Nikka will continue to release combinations of cask finishes to offer new whisky experiences without requiring the aging component.

While the Japanese Whisky industry is changing, these new bottles show the commitment producers have to keeping high quality whisky accessible to all.

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