While the Japanese Whisky industry is rapidly changing, the cornerstones upon which it was founded have remained firmly in place. Both the established distilleries and newcomers both have the desire to deliver new experiences for enthusiasts around the globe. The Japanese pursuit of perfection shines across producers, which keep raising the bar for the entire whisky industry.

As it takes years for stocks of more matured whiskies to be replenished, we expect distilleries to innovate in new ways.There will be more special cask finishes and an increased reliance on blending skills to deliver exceptional spirits.

Increased demand for Japanese Whisky combined with the void left by closures of Karuizawa, Hanyu and Kawasaki will give new distilleries the opportunity to rise to the world stage. Chichibu and Eigashima are two of the most notable newcomers who have quickly built a reputation for innovation. These new distilleries are unencumbered by their past and can push the boundaries even further, giving fans a chance to experience whisky in a manner more focused on authenticity than mass production.

Speaking of new developments… We’re quite excited to be part of the future of Japanese Whisky ourselves.Tomorrow (June 11th) will be the official unveiling of our very own Japanese Whisky release. This whisky comes from one of Japan’s newest distilleries but has been aged with a twist.As a bit of a teaser, it has been aged in a cask from one of Scotland’s most famous distilleries.By combining Japanese distilled liquid with a Scottish cask, we aim to deliver a completely new experience for fans. It’s unlike anything you’ve tasted before and we’re excited to share all the details tomorrow!Register for our live event to be the first to find out.(Click here to register)

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