The dekanta affiliate program rewards content creators, influencers and whisky enthusiasts for their help in promoting our extensive range of spirits.  When you join the program you will be provided with a unique affiliate code which is used to identify visitors who you send to our website. When visitors arrive to our site after having used your affiliate code a cookie is placed their web browser in order to attribute purchases to your affiliate code for up to 30 days from their initial visit.


Affiliates will earn commissions as per the following structure:

  • $0 to $10,000 in monthly sales: 3% commission
  • $10,000 to $20,000 in monthly sales: 4% commission
  • $20,000 to $30,000 in monthly sales: 5% commission
  • $30,000 to $50,000 in monthly sales: 6% commission
  • $50,000+ in monthly sales: 7% commission

Please note: The commission percentage is calculated based on the aggregate sales revenue generated by the affiliate for a month long period starting with the first day of a month.  The percentage is applied for the total aggregate sales amount for the given month.  For example, an affiliate who generates $35,000 in sales will earn a commission of 5% on that amount or $1,750.

How It Works

Affiliates can place links which include a unique identifier on their website, social media and emails. Links can be generated to any page within the dekanta website and as long as those links include the affiliate code they will earn a commission. (subject to terms below)  In order to ensure links are generated properly affiliates can use a tool on the affiliate dashboard to create the links.


All affiliates will immediately get access to a dashboard where they can see all clicks and conversions related to their affiliate code. This provides insight and transparency regarding all activity initiated by the affiliate.


Commissions will be paid 60 days from the date in which they are earned.  This allows for a sufficient period to deduct for any returns or refunds which may have been applied. Payments will be made by PayPal or Wire Transfer.


All sales generated within 30 days of a visit that is accompanied by the affiliate code will earn a commission for the affiliate.  This is subject to a few conditions:

  • If another affiliate has referred a visitor to the dekanta website first then the first affiliate to send the visitor to our site will earn the commission.
  • Commissions will be subtracted for any returned or refunded items. If commissions have already been paid for a returned or refunded item then dekanta will deduct the commission from future payouts.