The most highly anticipated whisky of 2023 is coming…

You don’t want to miss this limited edition Karuizawa collection that celebrates Japanese craftsmanship, art & whisky as never before.


When you think about whisky, it’s not just about the liquid inside the bottle. It’s the story that the whisky tells. A great whisky blurs the line between spirit and art, transforming the expression into a masterpiece. This month, we’re delighted to unveil a magnificent collaboration that pushes Japanese Whisky one step further.A collection that is unlike any other.

Celebrating the code of the Samurai and Japan’s martial history by depicting courage, honor and discipline — this collection is inspired by the greatest values in Japanese culture. The collection starts with legendary Japanese single malt from the world famous Karuizawa Distillery.Closed since the millennium, the old Karuizawa distillery has seen rising interest in its single malt whisky since it has become increasingly scarce, developing a cult-like following and renowned legacy.

Acclaim seeks to put the craftsmanship and heritage of Karuizawa on display in order to honor their legacy. And, world-class liquid deserves a world-class design. The whisky is complemented by stunning bottles and a display case painstakingly created by a world renowned artist in conjunction with expert craftspeople from around Japan. When you look at the collection it will leave you in awe as the history of Karuizawa, and Japanese Whisky, come to life.

On April 14th we’ll be unveiling Acclaim – The Karuizawa Whisky Stage, a set of Japanese Whisky that celebrates Japanese Craftsmanship, Art and Whisky as never before.

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