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Mars Komagatake Tokyo Bar Show Whisky Expo 2017


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Tokyo International Bar show And Whisky Expo is an event being held from 13th May to 14th May 2017 at the Prism Hall in Tokyo, Japan. This event brings together different bars and brands to showcase their cocktails, whisky etc.

This particular Komagatake whisky was specially released for the event. The top note is a smooth peat incense with nuances of ripe plum, vanilla, and milk caramel. Adding water presents a refreshing smell like that of a prairie. The attack is vanilla-like sweetness that is joined by the aroma of smoky, stoic peat. A soft sweetness lingers on the palate from this excellent single-malt whisky.

DistilleryHombo Mars
Whisky OriginJapanese
Single MaltYes
Alcohol Strength61%
Bottle Size70cl
Box ConditionGood
Label ConditionGood
Shoulder LevelGood
Weight 2 kg

Just like the four seasons which put a strong mark on the Japanese Alps the many brands of drinks made in this distillery each has its own peculiar character.

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