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Kirin Whisky 2017


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Kirin is the major maker of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages in Japan. It also makes whisky and has a distillery at the foot of Mt. Fuji – Japan’s sacred mountain. This particular listing is a bottle of whisky which that was produced by Kirin-Seagram for 2017. It is presented in a beautiful bottle.

Whisky OriginJapanese
Single MaltYes
Alcohol Strength40%
Bottle Size70cl
Label ConditionGood
Shoulder LevelGood
Weight 2 kg

Kirin breweries is one of the largest breweries in Japan. Its roots stretch back to 1869when a Norwegian American business man named William Copeland founded the spring valley brewery in Yokohama. The founders took CopelandÇs assets over and set up their own brewery which they called Japan Brewery company in 1885. Already in 1888 it began production of Kirin beer which is today along with Asahi the major beer brand of Japan.

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