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Akashi White Oak 8 Years 2 bottle Set


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Eigashima is a Ji-Whisky company best known for producing the brand known as White Oak Akashi. This single malt spent 8 years in a sherry butt cask, bringing forth all the dried fruit, boozy notes expected. Think raisins and plums, followed by richness and spice. Intense and unique, and some of the best stuff made by Akashi.

Whisky OriginJapanese
Single MaltYes
Alcohol Strength55%
Bottle Size50cl
Box ConditionGood
Label ConditionGood
Shoulder LevelGood
Weight 3 kg

Since its establishment more than a 100 years ago Eigashima has been a popular all round brewery. Honesty is the guiding principle of the company both towards its work and towards its people. Based on these principles Eigashima takes great care in maintaining the highest standards of production. While preserving old traditions is important the company does not slavishly adhere to them. On the contrary, in order to constantly improve its products it keeps an eye open for innovations in the field and as a result new discoveries and research results are frequently discovered. So far the company has produced many master pieces and contributed greatly to society. As a consequence, this company based in Hyogo prefecture with its rich trandition of brewing has a well established reputation in the world of brewing.

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