An Exceptional Single Malt Traversing
Five Decades of Karuizawa

Today, we’re excited to unveil two exceptional, special edition Karuizawa single
malts that bring the finest liquid ever produced at the distillery together in a
magnificent expressions that spans Five Decades.


These incredible bottlings were created by carefully marrying top quality sherry
and bourbon cask matured whisky from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s to
create rich yet balanced expressions that showcase exquisite whisky from one of
the world’s greatest ever distilleries. 


Inspired Design & Unrivaled Taste

The two bottles feature stunning artwork that honor the crane
and the sea turtle, both of which have deep cultural significance
in Japan

The Crane is a symbol of good fortune, longevity, and fidelity.
Known as the “bird of happiness,” it is believed to live for a
thousand years, making it a powerful emblem of a long and
prosperous life
. Cranes are often depicted in art, origami, and
ceremonies, where they serve as talismans to bring health,
happiness, and success.

This bottle was created by blending Karuizawa Single Malt 
from across the five decades that had solely been 
matured in sherry casks. It brings rich, fruity and spicy notes to 
your nose and palate, including sticky dates, dried red berries, 
deep oak and subtle black pepper, before delivering a long 
finish that will last right up until your next sip. It comes in at 
59.5% and is limited to just 158 bottles.

The Turtle is a symbol of longevity, stability, and endurance. It is
often associated with good fortune and a long life. The Turtle
is also believed to bring protection and is seen as a guardian spirit.
In art and folklore
, The Turtle is frequently depicted alongside
The Crane, to represent a harmonious and enduring life. The
presence of a Turtle in various forms, such as sculptures or
paintings, is considered a positive omen.

This bottle was also crafted by blending Karuizawa Single
Malt Whisky
from across the five decades, however this
bottling includes both sherry matured and bourbon matured
whisky. It brings elegant notes of sliced apple, red berries
and subtle citrus on the nose, before the palate arrives with
toffee apples, charred oak, brown sugar and hints of pear.
Much like The Crane bottle, it delivers a long and moreish
finish. It comes in at 54.2% and is limited to just 158 bottles.

Both bottles come in a stunning wooden box, carefully
crafted to display the whisky in all of its glory.


Karuizawa Distillery

Known as one of the most legendary distilleries in the world, 
Karuizawa was mothballed in 2000 and shut down in 2011,
when demand for whisky was plummeting in Japan

No one knew then of the huge Japanese whisky boom on the horizon.
Karuizawa whisky has been in highest demand during this
boom, with its single cask bottlings selling for some of the
largest price tags the global whisky world has ever seen.

Karuizawa is synonymous with quality, luxury, and rarity. As
the most prized whisky bottles in existence, this blend that
spans five decades is a one of a kind creation, bringing the
best Karuizawa whiskies together in one limited edition release.

Limited Quantities

With just 158 bottles of each expression created,
this iconic masterpiece is highly limited in

In order to secure your very own piece of
Japanese whisky history and become the owner of 
incredible liquid from the legendary Karuizawa 
, adorned with the good omens of The
and The Turtle, order online today.


Bask in iconic Karuizawa whisky and own a piece of Japanese whisky history by
adding these elegant, limited edition bottles to your collection. They are
masterfully crafted in every way, from the distilling and blending to the beautiful
designs that adorn the front of the bottles.

The Crane


Five Decades

1960-2000 Golden


The Turtle


Five Decades

1960-2000 Silver