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Bottles under $100

Finding a great bottle of Japanese Whisky doesn’t have to cost a lot. We’ve picked out our favorite premium bottles that are priced at $100 or less. Each of these bottles is sure to delight!

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    $99.99 (USD)
    • EUR: € 83.99
    • GBP: £ 77.99
    • JPY: ¥ 10,602
    • SGD: $136.99
    • AUD: $136.99
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    Masataka Taketsuru and his Scottish wife, Jessie Roberta “Rita” Cowan, were a famous couple in Japan, even inspiring the Japanese drama series “Massan.” Their love story is commemorated with this special gift set featuring the Taketsuru Pure Malt 12 Years Old and the “Rita” Apple Wine. You can taste more than Japanese whisky with this set and have a part of Japanese culture and history as part of your collection.

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