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Bartender’s choice: Nikka Northland

As you all know Nikka is a maker of high quality Japanese whisky, Masataka Taketsuru, the founder of Nikka was obsessed with making genuine, quality whisky for the Japanese market. Never compromising on quality, and always serious about his mission, Taketsuru utilized the ancient crafting techniques of the Japanese. Fans of Japanese whisky all know […]


5 excellent Japanese whisky and food pairings

Whereas Westerners have long found whisky a drink to enjoy after food, the Japanese have a long tradition of enjoying it with food, often mixed with water or even on rocks. We present a few excellent pairings you might want to try out for yourself. Japanese Whisky Food Pairings: Nikka Taketsuru with Camembert cheese Cheese […]


Five Japanese whiskies you might want to get your hands on before its too late

The world is an ephemeral place. Things come and go, are born and die. Nothing really lasts forever and whisky is no exception. Due to the current whiskey boom in Japan, the two giants Suntory and Nikka are refocusing their products to meet the increasing demand. Of course, Japanese whisky fans look forward to trying […]