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Explore Our Summer Sales Event

Barbeques, beaches, lakes, parades, vacations, fairs and all sorts of celebrations — we love summer! While you’re enjoying the sunshine, it’s a great time to reward yourself with a bottle of premium Japanese Whisky. It just so happens that we at dekantā are expecting a huge delivery of quality whisky in a few weeks, so […]

Mars Shinshu

Mars Shinshu

Note on naming: the official name of the distillery is actually Hombo Shuzo Co (Hombo breweries), while it is often called Honbo Ms (Mars after the whisky), Shinshu (after the distillery), Mars Shinshu etc. in colloquial language. We prefer just calling it Mars after the whisky it makes. If you know your Japanese whisky, then […]

The forgotten whisky Bartender’s choice

Bartender’s choice: The forgotten whisky

When it comes to Japanese whiskies Suntory and Nikka are by far the most famous. Other well known whiskies are Mars whisky from Honbu Shuzo, Ichiro´s Malt from Venture Whisky, and of course Karuizawa from Mercin. Another whiskies which used to be somewhat well known abroad are Kirin Whiskies. Lets talk a little bit about […]

Hombo Mars Distillery

Now Is the Best Time to Try These 4 Small Distilleries

Japanese whiskies, especially those older than 12 years, keep selling out. This is due to enormous demand in Japan, partly thanks to the popular TV show Massan and partly because bottles from whisky giants Suntory and Nikka have been racking up most of the awards at international competitions. Yet another reason is that the famous […]